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2022 Season Dates

Draw Only Season 1st     October 15th - 19th 

Over the Counter 2nd.     October 29th - November 6th 

Over the Counter 3rd       November 12th - 18th 

Draw Only Season 4th     November 23rd - November 27th 

  • 1st & 4th season are draw only for elk, to enter the draw you must apply for the tag before the April deadline that has not been announced yet. It is typically around April 6th each year. The draw usually opens in February or March but that date has also not been announced yet. If you plan to hunt with us we will inform you of all of these dates. 

  • Mule Deer Hunters - You can only hunt Mule Deer during the 2nd or 3rd season. There is no 1st or 4th season Mule Deer hunt. To hunt Mule Deer in our area you must have preference points. If you want to plan for a mule deer hunt in the future you need to be applying for preference points each year or you can purchase a landowner tag to hunt immediately. 



Have you ever dreamed of harvesting an elk or mule deer? Let us take you on a hunt of a lifetime. You are responsible for your own hunting equipment/gear, transportation to Grand Junction, CO, and we’ll do the rest.


We will provide lodging accommodations in the form of an outfitter tent. We will provide transportation, 3 meals a day and we’ll help get your animal out. You are responsible for processing fees and taxidermy.

Elk Hunts

1st - 4th Seasons -> Bull Elk

5-7 Day Hunt

1 Guide 2 Hunters: $4,800 per person

1 Guide 1 Hunter: $5,500 per person

+ Deer additional $1,000 Kill Fee


Cow Elk: $3,000 per person

Semi Guided Hunt

$3,800 per person

Does not include food. 

Mule Deer Hunts

2nd or 3rd -> Mule Deer Seasons

1 Guide 2 Hunters: $4,800 per person

1 Guide 1 Hunter: $5,500 per person

+ Elk additional $1,000 Kill Fee

Combo Hunts

Combo Deer+Elk $6,500 per person

Combo Bull+Cow $6,500 per person

*Landowner deer tag (Private or Unit Wide) additional $2,000

Additional Non-Hunter Fee: $300.00


If you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a setup for a big game rifle, use one of our long range Christensen Arms 28 Noslers on a fully guided hunt +$250.00

Hunt Codes


2nd Season

BUCK D-M-030-O2-R

DOE D-F-030-O2-R

3rd Season

BUCK D-M-030-O3-R

DOE D-F-030-O3-R

There's no guarantee on a kill, we give our word we will hunt hard and do everything we can to help you. We hunt wild 100% public land animals. A non-refundable $600.00 deposit is required when the reservation is made the remaining balance is due August 30th. 

Checks & money orders should be addressed to Mountaineer Outfitters LLC.