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Our main focus as a business is to share what we love and know about the outdoors with others who feel the same. This is our chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We're just living our dream. 


We set up quality big game hunts and camps because we like to be comfortable outdoors. Our camps will never be over crowded, as we only offer our fully guided services to 18 hunters a year. We want this experience to be a memorable one. An experience, and a camp you will look forward to year-after-year. The foundation of our business was built on a blessing and hard work. We’re now doing what we love and we’re helping others, it’s truly been an amazing experience.























We're from a little community in West Virginia that lies within the Appalachian Mountain Range.We are father and daughter. Suitably, we began  calling ourselves business partners on a road trip over the Summer of 2015. Our first business meeting was followed by hard work, faith and a whole lot of paper work. We officially became a business on May 9, 2016. 



Everyday outdoors is an adventure we don’t want to miss out on. Sunshine, rain, snow, whatever the conditions as long as its safe of course, we’ve got a plan and we’re ready to go hunting. We enjoy all of the challenges and obstacles Mother Nature and the great Rocky Mountains have to offer.


We cannot promise you will fill your tag but we do promise we will hunt hard, and do whatever we can. We are here to help make your hunting dreams come true. 

Thank you for visiting our page,

Cassie & Greg

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