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Mountaineer Outfitters is in a unique part of western CO, the heart of the elk herds wintering range, home to mule deer, black bear, and mountain lion.


We hunt elk and mule deer in pinyon-juniper and pockets of sagebrush in lower elevations. Higher elevations are intersperesed with sagebrush, dark timber, and aspen stands. Elevation ranges from 4,327 - 8,968ft. The climate is generally mild compared to other parts of CO.

The terrain varies from rolling sagebrush to steep-sided canyons. The ruggedness of this unit is ranked 20/185. We're not joking when we say you should physically prepare for this hunt. It is rough, steep, and rocky. Little is accessible by 4x4 so expect to do a lot of walking.  We HIGHLY recommend physical training and being in good condition before this hunt, we cannot stress this enough. We will be hunting wild game, so bring your walking boots and a camera, you won’t want to miss the breath taking views of CO’s remote wilderness. Elk and mule deer movements from high country to low country are dependent upon the weather and hunting pressure, so be prepared to go where the elk and deer are.

Can you tell me more about where you hunt?

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