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(Prices subject to change with inflation.)

Elk Hunts

1st - 3rd Seasons 

5 Day Bull Elk Hunt

$7,000 per person

5 Day Cow Elk Hunt

$5,500 per person

Combo Deer & Elk Hunt

$12,000 per person

Add extra full day of guided hunting for $1000/person/day.


Additional Fully Guided Non-Hunter Fee for Food & Lodging: $1000

($250/day/person extra over 5 days) 


1 Hunter: $1800 per person

4+ Hunters: $1600 per person

Additional Drop Camp Non-Hunter Fee: $150

What's Included in a Fully Guided Hunt?

How Successful Are You?

  • 3 meals a day including hot breakfast and dinner

  • Lodging in the form of an Outfitter Tent with a wood stove and cot

  • Hot showers

  • Transportation by side by side or truck to and from hunting spots once arrived at camp

  •  We take pride in our success, you're required to go through our shooting course to verify the distance in which you can shoot.

  • We'll pack your game out from the mountain, you are responsible for any taxidermy or processing

  • Help getting your tag or applying for license

  • If you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a setup for a big game rifle, use one of our long range Christensen Arms 28 Noslers on a fully guided hunt +$250.00

  • To secure your spot you must send us a $600 deposit with your Hunter Service Agreement

  • Can you tell me more about where you're hunting? Yes, Click Here.

Rifle Elk Fully Guided Seasons 1-4.png

If you answered Yes to all of the above...

What's Included in a Drop Camp Hunt?

  • We will provide lodging accommodations in the form of an outfitter tent easily accessible by vehicle.

  • We do not provide pack in camps at this time.

  • Our camps are fully equipped with pots, pans, 2 burner camp chef stove, cooking utensils, silverware, plates, bowls, paper towels, hand towels, toilet paper, toilet, hand washing bucket, a wood stove, propane, lighting, water, shower, cots for sleeping, chairs, tables, and we'll make sure you don't run out of firewood!

  • We have 2 drop camp options available:

    • 1 located high on the mountain

    • 1 located in the high desert.

  • We will place you according to the weather.

How do I know if this is right for me?

  • Can you hike long distances over tough terrain & are you physically fit? 

  • Are you mentally & physically tough?

  • Can you carry a heavy load and quarter an elk yourself?

  • Can you wake up early in the morning?

  • Can you hunt harder than the average hunter? 

  • Are you good at glassing?

  • Can you stay out in the woods after sunset & hike back after dark?

  • Are you good at reading a map and e-scouting?

  • Are you willing to put in the time and effort to prepare fully for this hunt?

  • Our drop camps are a DIY style hunt for the self-sufficient hunter

  • Successful hunters hunt hard and put in the work for their hunt.

  • We will send you in the right direction and leave you with tips and techniques on how to be successful.

  • We do not offer any pack-in camps at this time.

  • We do not guarantee we can help get your game out. It is crucial that you get the hide off of your animal immediately, if you leave it overnight it will spoil. 

How Successful Are You?

Rifle Elk Drop Camp Seasons 1-4.png

What do I need to bring?

How do I book my hunt?

  • To secure your spot you must send us a $600 deposit with your Hunter Service Agreement and pay the full amount by August 30th.

  • Deposits are non-refundable.

What are the Season Dates for 2024? 

1st Season.                October 12th - 16th 

2nd Season               October 26th - November 3th 

3rd Season                November 9th - 15th 

What if I want to hunt a Draw Only Season for elk?

  • It's EASY, all you have to do is apply

  • 1st & 4th season are draw only for elk, to enter the draw you must apply for the tag before the April deadline that has not been announced yet.

  • The deadline is typically around April 6th each year.

  • The draw usually opens in February or March but that date has also not been announced yet.

  • If you plan to hunt with us we will inform you of all of these dates. 

  • You are required to send your $600 deposit to secure your spot.

What code do I use to draw for a cow or a 1st season bull tag?

Elk Codes

1st Season

Bull E-M-021-O1-R

Cow E-F-021-O1-R

2nd Season 

Bull OTC

Cow E-F-021-O2-R

3rd Season

Bull OTC

Cow E-F-030-O3-R

What's the Total Cost of the Hunt? 


  • Non-Resident adult ......................................... $93.78

  • Non-Resident youth ........................................ $1.40

  • Nonresident bull/fishing combo*............ $760.99

  • Nonresident cow/fishing combo* ........... $760.99

Guide Fee​

Fully Guided Hunt $7,000

Drop Camp Hunt with less than 4 in your party $1,800

Drop Camp Hunt with 4+ in your party $1,600


Guide Fee + $1,000



(Only Available for 2nd or 3rd Season, Please see the Deer Hunting Page for details on preference points)

Non-Resident Qualifying License ......................................... $93.78

Non-Resident youth Qualifying License ........................................ $1.40

Nonresident adult/fishing combo*.......... $456.14

Nonresident youth/fishing combo*......... $116.50



Nonresident adult/fishing combo*.......... $112.34

Nonresident youth/ fishing combo*........ $56.80


Traveling Expenses to Colorado

Rent one of our Rifles 

Christensen Arms 28 Nosler $250 

Total Cost of Your Hunt

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