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Hunter Service Agreement
This contract is for the protection of the undersigned client as well as the outfitter MOUNTAINEER OUTFITTERS LLC. To coincide with our efforts to provide you, the client, with an enjoyable outdoor experience, we require that the following contract be read, understood, and signed by both client and outfitter.

  1. The parties agree to pay $600 of the established fee as a deposit upon signing this contract. Remaining balance is to be paid by August 30 in the form of cash, traveler check, or money order. All deposits and payments are non-refundable.

  2. Deposit is non-refundable except in the case of a failure to draw in a draw-only season, whereby the deposit will be refunded in full.

  3. Outfitter does not guarantee a kill. During 2nd & 3rd rifle seasons we do not outfit on Sunday mornings. Clients are welcome to join us in church. Client is welcome to hunt on his/her own.

  4. No party hunting is allowed. Outfitter operates according to the rules and regulations set forth by Colorado Division of Wildlife and the BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT. Outfitter expects clients to do likewise.

  5. Outfitter provides complete camps including all related camp gear, tents, stoves, firewood, water, & cots. Fully guided camps include breakfast, lunch, and dinner; we recommend bringing your favorite snacks. Drop camp clients are responsible for all hunting activities, processing, packing, food/cooking, sleeping bags, hunting gear, gun/ammunition, and transportation.

  6. All trips will originate from a designated location discussed by the client and guide.

  7. Outfitter will not be responsible for any accidents resulting from the careless behavior of a client or actions contrary to the directions of MOUTAINEER OUTFITTERS, LLC or its guides.

  8. Clients provide license (& hunter safety card, if born on or after Jan 1, 1949), weapon, ammunition, and all related hunting gear.

  9. If any situation should arise contrary to the satisfaction of the client, it must be discussed immediately with the Outfitter. We do not guarantee a kill.

  10. The Outfitter may be forced to adjust trip schedules due to severe weather conditions or circumstances endangering the welfare of the clients, livestock or employees and will act accordingly to assure the safety of all concerned.

  11. Outfitter is not responsible for the weather conditions, but does agree to perform the duties to the best that conditions permit.

  12. Clients failing to arrive on or before the departure date or who must leave prior to the end of the service period will be charged for the full portion of the hunt.

  13. The cost of the meat and trophy processing is the responsibility of the client. Shipping of meat is also client's responsibility.

  14. We the undersigned have read and fully understand the above listed terms of this agreement and do agree to pay the deposit and the final balance due in exchange for the services provided.

We are a public land outfitter, we’ve worked very hard to learn the area of which we hunt. Out of respect for our business and future A drop camp. Please Initial Below to agree to the following terms:

We are a public land outfitter, we’ve worked very hard to learn the area of which we hunt. Out of respect for our business and future drop camps please Check Below to agree to the following terms:

(Western Colorado, The Bookcliff’s, or Outside of Grand Junction is acceptable, but we prefer none)

Mountaineer Outfitters Hunting Ethics Policy IMPORTANT PLEASE READ
Our guides and staff at Mountaineer Outfitters love to hunt wild game. As individuals & professionals we care very much about the welfare of the animal. We believe as hunters it is our responsibility to do our part in hunting in the most ethical manner possible. Elk are large and extremely tough animals, if you do not make a vital shot they will not go down. It is extremely important that you have a well placed shot. Our mission is to help anyone in our camp to become a better shot and a more ethical hunter. Please initial below to agree to the following terms:

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