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"West Virginia to Colorado"

We attended our first sports show over the weekend at the Charleston Civic Center, one of the largest hunting and fishing shows in WV. It was a really cool experience & one of my first outdoor shows. We were able to socialize and talk hunting with so many great outdoorsman and folks like ourselves. One question brought to our attention by a few people was, how would we be able to guide hunts in CO, living in WV.

How It Started

In 1998 Greg took off with a few of his friends in pursuit of an elk. He drove to Colorado after watching tons of outdoor channel tv and practicing for hours with his elk call. All it took was one hunting trip to CO and Greg was hooked. He loved the west and was determined he would go back, and that he did year after year he went back to CO. He's spent approximately 30+ weeks in CO hunting, scouting, and figuring things out. Greg took Cassie out west to NM for her first time in 2009 to hunt mountain lions as a graduation gift. She too fell in love with hunting the west and has since went back year after year.

How We Did It

Our business started with a prayer. Greg had a vision of leaving his back breaking job as a logger and simply hunting through the fall months into winter. When I say back breaking I literally mean, Greg has had 2 laser back surgery and suffers every day from the pain. One thing that greatly helps is exercise and no heavy, strenuous lifting.

Following his prayer he started knocking on doors where one was opened. To follow Cassie put together a business plan for a meeting with some "really important folks". We followed through with all the necessary guidelines and provisions it takes to become an official business and now simply put, here we are!

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